Welcome to the Biomedical High Performance Computing Leadership Summit 2010

Join us in October 2010

The third Biomedical High Performance Computing Leadership Summit will take place on October 17-19, 2010 at Harvard Medical School.


Held for two days, with a reception on the eve of the first day, the Biomed HPC Summit assembles 140 professionals from around the country to share ideas and collaborate on today's and the next generation of cluster and grid computing. It is the premiere event for the people who build and maintain clusters and grids for high performance computing in the biomedical fields. The Summit is targeted towards CTO's, senior grid and cluster managers and senior systems administrators from top research and biomedical organizations around the country. Members of the HPC technology vendor community are also invited to participate.

This year Biomed HPC 2010 will focus on "Scaling Biomed HPC" and these four themes:

  • Scaling storage: managing storage in the age of the petabyte (and beyond)
  • Organizational scaling: building sustainable HPC centers
  • Collaborative computing: grids, clouds and open computing
  • Getting science done: making HPC work for researchers

The Summit's goal is to bring the best minds in grid and cluster management together to both share ideas and methods as well as to catalyze collaboration amongst institutions. The audience is an active participant in the Summit through audience response devices and participant break-out sessions. This is not your ordinary conference or trade show.

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